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Our curriculum is designed according to the “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide” issued by the Education Bureau. Through “Child-Centred”, we aim to help the young children attain all-round and balanced development by focusing on six learning areas, which are “Physical Fitness and Health”,”Language”, “Early Childhood Mathematics”, “Nature and Living”, “Self and Society” and “Arts and Creativity”. We design activities according to the children’s developmental needs, capability and interests. We strive to help them acquire a solid language foundation and become biliterate and trilingual. The young children are encouraged to learn through play. Our classrooms are equipped with multi-activity corners where we facilitate children’s active learning which helps build children’s confidence, foster their communication skills, creativity, ability of thinking and problem solving skills.


Integration with “play” in each learning area. Through experience of senses, outdoor trips and visits, the children can acquire knowledge in interesting real-life scenarios which helps enhance their learning ability, set the ground for life-long learning by nurturing the thirst for knowledge, willingness to communicate and an attitude of active exploration. We look for children’s latent talents and help them to achieve a balance among the Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social and Aesthetic development. We strive to nurture them into proactive and responsible citizens in the future.


As children’s learning is our main focus, we adopt small-group teaching to give children the attention they need as well as deepening their learning. As such, each child can have more opportunities to interact with the teachers during the learning process which enhances the effectiveness of learning and helps inculcating good values in the children. Environmental and civic education are included in our curriculum. To foster positive thinking in our children, we participate in various programs such as the “Community Chest Straighten Up School Campaign”, “School with Good Characters Programme” and the “Yan Chai Hospital Moral and Civic Education Award Scheme “.          


Each semester we launch whole language learning activities to encourage children to acquire knowledge from their life experience and to develop their ability to think, their intelligence, language, mathematical logic, problem-solving skills, imagination, creativity, social skills, peer culture and self-awareness. By focusing on the interaction between teachers and students as well as encouraging children to learn through own exploration and experience, we aim to develop children’s multiple intelligences and generic skills as well as enhancing their interest for learning and building a positive attitude and values.


We conduct learning assessment through constantly observing children’s performances, keeping records of that and analyzing their behaviors and learning progress. The progress in the six learning areas and nine generic skills will be recorded in the “Student Portfolio” of each student. The “Child’s Learning Assessment Report” is issued twice a year to enhance the effectiveness of learning and to take care of their individual developmental needs as well as fostering children’s whole-person development in the “Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social and Aesthetic”.