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Sponsoring Body - Shun Tak Fraternal Association:

As a registered charitable organization with a long history, “ShukTak Fraternal Association” is dedicated to promoting education and to nurturing the youngsters based on the traditional Chinese Confucian spirit.
“ShukTak Fraternal Association” has established the following schools:
Six secondary schools:
“Seaward Woo College”, “Lee Shau Kee College”, “Tam Pak Yu College”, “Leung Kau Kui College”, “Cheng Yu Tung Secondary School” and “Yung Yau College”;

Five primary schools: “Wu Siu Kui Memorial Primary School”, “Ho Yat Tung Primary School”, “Leung Kit Wah Primary School”, “Wu Mien Tuen Primary School”, “Lee Kam Primary School”;

Three kindergartens: “Tuen Mun Leung Lee Sau Yu Kindergarten”, “Leung Lee Sau Yu (Shatin) Kindergarten” and “Leung Kit Wah Kindergarten”.

Our History :

Funded by the generous contribution of Dr K.K. Leung’s spouse, Ms Lee Sau Yu, our school was established in 1986 and we have been providing pre-school education for the children in Shatin for than thirty-five years.Under the effort and collaboration of our teaching staff and the substantial support from the management of the school sponsoring body, our school has been developing steadily over the years

School Motto:

In accordance with the motto of our association: “Literature, Action, Loyalty, Trustworthiness”, we endeavor to cultivate in children the values of these four teachings by Confucius of being “Erudite, Conscientious, Diligent, Honest and Devoting wholeheartedly”. We are dedicated to nurturing children into responsible citizens who are well-educated, of honourable character and eager to serve the society.

Our Vision :
  1. Child-Centredness
    Based on the “Child-Centred” approach, we strive to create a happy learning environment for the development of children’s innate talents as well as inspiring a love of learning in them.
  2. Whole-person Development
    We aspire to build a solid foundation for whole-person education by cultivating in children a joy of learning, good communication skills, creativity and the courage to take responsibility.
  3. Parent-School Collaboration
    Communication with Parents is very important to us. We believe that a full “Parent-school” collaboration supports children to grow up healthily and happily.